How Does a Collision Impact Your Vehicle's Safety?

No one likes driving around in a car that looks like it's just been through a warzone, but many people may breathe a sigh of relief when their engine fires back up after a collision. Engine damage is not the only potential mechanical consequence of crashes, however. Even if your car seems to start and run just fine, there may be hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface.

Having a trained collision shop repair and evaluate your vehicle following an accident is imperative to maintaining its safety on the road. Although many possible issues can arise from accident damage, here are three of the most common that you may face.

1. Cause Steering Damage

Your steering is one of the most sophisticated parts of your vehicle. Steering systems consisted of many complex components working in concert with each other decades ago, but modern cars add a wide range of electronic components and sensors to the mix. So although it might not take much effort to turn your wheel, your manufacturer spent considerable effort engineering your steering system.

Any sudden impact can disrupt this careful balance of mechanical and electronic parts. Operating a vehicle with damaged steering may mean reduced handling in an emergency or causing additional damage to weak components, even if the car feels fine. A collision shop will carefully measure all aspects of your steering to confirm that it is still operating within factory specifications.

2. Create Alignment Issues

Like your steering, your car's suspension consists of a vast number of interconnected components. As a result, even normal wear and tear can throw off their balance over time, causing alignment "drift" that requires correction. An accident can jolt these components out of alignment or even bend and twist parts such as your control arms.

Ignoring damage to your suspension or the alignment issues that it causes can mean increased tire wear, reduced handling response, or rapid deterioration of other suspension components, such as your springs and struts. Collision shops will check the condition of your suspension as part of a typical estimate so that you can repair slight damage that may have long-lasting effects.

3. Crack and Chip Auto Glass 

Your vehicle's windshield does more than protect you from the elements: it also supports your car's structure. Cracked or damaged windshields can reduce your vehicle's overall rigidity, reduce safety in future accidents, and put yourself or other cabin occupants at risk.

Because there are so many ways an accident can impact your future safety, you should never leave your car's condition to chance. Instead, always have a qualified repair shop evaluate your vehicle following even a seemingly minor collision. Contact companies like Exoticar Paintworks Inc to learn more. 

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